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3 Things Every Real Estate Investor in Michigan Should Do

I will keep this short and straight to the point. If you live in Oakland, Macomb, or Wayne County, you should be doing the following:

1. Attend REIA/MEETUPs, here is my top favorites and why!

Michigan Real Estate Investors (MREI) – link

Here is why: This is the biggest REIA group I ever attended. Here you will find investors, Wholesalers, and Real Estate professionals from all parts of MI that you can network with. This group is managed by Wendy Patton who is a Lease Option expert.

Renegade Detroit Investors RDI Link

Here is why: RDI is a free real estate investment and business group that meets monthly to network, offer referrals, do deals. I would say half of my Real Estate connections were made here. Highly Highly recommended group.

Livonia Real Estate Investment Coaching by The Borland Group -Link

Here is why: I must admit that I have learned so much from this group. Here you can get help for almost everything, from deal evaluating to handling objections from sellers. They usually meet on the first Saturday of every month. I attend every single one of them. BTW the couching is FREE.

REIA of Wayne County – link

I am new to this REIA. They are very organized and informative. This group meets on the first Tuesday of every month

2. Listen to Real Estate Podcasts.

Podcasts can be easily consumed while engaging in another activity. I usually listen to them while working-out, while driving and while traveling. Here are my top favorites:

Renegade Detroit investors Podcast -Link

By far my favorite Real Estate Podcast. This Podcast is by Jeremy Burgess, who is extremely knowledgeable and hilarious. He picks the brain of local Michigan investors, wholesalers and more. The episodes are uncut, raw, short and straight to the point. I have listened to every single one of them.

The BiggerPockets Podcast -Link

This podcast covers everything Real Estate from A to Z. This podcast is designed as a tool to help both novice and experienced real estate investors. They currently have 200+ episodes, so get some.

Flip This Podcast by Steve Londeau -Link

Awesome Awesome Podcast, I mean the podcast starts with a kick ass rap song. I would say this podcast is mostly wholesaling, however other Real Estate topics are covered. Steve’s podcast is the real deal and it is effective.

3. Local helpful social media pages that you need to follow to connect with everyone. Here are my top favorites

Michigan Real Estate Wholesalers. -Link

This FB page connects Investors with Wholesalers. The page is great to advertise your deals or post your needs

Michigan Real Estate Power Team -Link

This page was created to connect Real Estate investors with everything they need from contractors to Lawyers. Here you can find recommendations for Title companies and other services.

RE Tipster -Link

Very informative page by A well-established blogger Seth Williams.

The above 3 things have helped me tremendously and i hope you find them valuable. Feel free to add and share your experience. Also if you are in investor looking for inventory, make sure you visit my Site and subscribe to my buyer list.